About IronRank

IronRank analyzes NFL team’s stats and previous games to rate teams and predict the outcomes of potential games. Historically, we have predicted the outcome of a game correctly 64% of the time, and we are continuing to improve our model.

How We Rate Teams

We assign each team an IronRank (a numeric rating) using the standard Elo Rating System. IronRanks are then used to predict the score for games. The team with the higher IronRank is given a higher expected score and thus a higher probability of winning the game. While we do look at past season results, we put a major emphasis on this season’s games. As we get closer to the Super Bowl our recommendations will become more accurate. Elo has been used for Tennis and Chess for many years, and appears to be a good fit for Football, which is also a head-to-head contest.

Offense and Defense Ratings

In addition to an overall team rating, we use an Elo-like approach to evaluate a team’s offensive and defense team, passing yards, touchdowns, red zone performance just to name a few. For each of these categories we maintain an offense and defense rating that changes over time similarly to IronRank.

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