Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals

7 - 8 - 1

Standings Prediction

Will stay at #2
The Cardinals will hold their position in their division.
NFL #10/16
IronRank #10/16
NFC West
NFL #2/4
IronRank #2/4

Cardinals Schedule

2016-2017 Season
Date Opponent Prediction Result
Week 1
Sunday, Sep 11
New England Patriots vs Patriots WIN 21-23 LOSS
Week 2
Sunday, Sep 18
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Buccaneers WIN 40-7 WIN
Week 3
Sunday, Sep 25
Buffalo Bills at Bills WIN 33-18 LOSS
Week 4
Sunday, Oct 2
Los Angeles Rams vs Rams WIN 13-17 LOSS
Week 5
Thursday, Oct 6
San Francisco 49ers at 49ers WIN 21-33 WIN
Week 6
Monday, Oct 17
New York Jets vs Jets WIN 28-3 WIN
Week 7
Sunday, Oct 23
Seattle Seahawks vs Seahawks WIN 6-6 TIE
Week 8
Sunday, Oct 30
Carolina Panthers at Panthers LOSS 30-20 LOSS
Week 10
Sunday, Nov 13
San Francisco 49ers vs 49ers WIN 23-20 WIN
Week 11
Sunday, Nov 20
Minnesota Vikings at Vikings LOSS 30-24 LOSS
Week 12
Sunday, Nov 27
Atlanta Falcons at Falcons LOSS 38-19 LOSS
Week 13
Sunday, Dec 4
Washington Redskins vs Redskins WIN 31-23 WIN
Week 14
Sunday, Dec 11
Miami Dolphins at Dolphins WIN 26-23 LOSS
Week 15
Sunday, Dec 18
New Orleans Saints vs Saints WIN 41-48 LOSS
Week 16
Saturday, Dec 24
Seattle Seahawks at Seahawks LOSS 31-34 WIN
Week 17
Sunday, Jan 1
Los Angeles Rams at Rams WIN 6-44 WIN

Predicted Ranking for 2016-17 Season

div. rank
conf. rank


How the Cardinals compare to the teams within their conference


#5 Cardinals
Great passing by the Cardinals:
309 yds Dec 18, 2016 vs Saints
281 yds Dec 4, 2016 vs Redskins
316 yds Oct 30, 2016 at Panthers


#9 Cardinals
Great rushing by the Cardinals:
94 yds Dec 24, 2016 at Seahawks
132 yds Oct 23, 2016 vs Seahawks
105 yds Sep 18, 2016 vs Buccaneers

red zone performance

#4 Cardinals
Great red zone performance by the Cardinals:
100% Dec 18, 2016 vs Saints
100% Oct 30, 2016 at Panthers
100% Jan 24, 2016 at Panthers

scoring points

#4 Cardinals
High points scored by the Cardinals:
41 pts Dec 18, 2016 vs Saints
31 pts Dec 4, 2016 vs Redskins
38 pts Dec 27, 2015 vs Packers

Cardinals Stats

How the Cardinals compare to the teams within their conference
Passing Offense
of 32
Rushing Offense
of 32
Red Zone Efficiency
of 32
Fumbles Caused
of 32
of 32
of 32

Iron Rank Over Time

See how the Cardinals match up against popular competitors


The Arizona Cardinals play in the NFL’s National Football Conference and have the distinction of being the oldest football club in continuous operation in the United States.  The club was originally formed in 1898 as a neighborhood team in a predominantly Irish part of Chicago’s south side.  The team initially played under the name Morgan Athletic Club.  The club soon became known as the Racine Normals after the area they played in and the name of the field they played at: Normal Field.  In 1901, the team was purchased by Chris O’Brien who then bought new uniforms for the football club from the University of Chicago.  The shirts were a maroon color, but when O’Brien proclaimed the color to be "cardinal red," the nickname "cardinals" stuck from then on.

After the club disbanded in 1906 due to lack of competition, they were reorganized in 1913 only to be disbanded once again in 1917 due to World War I.  However, following the war’s end in 1919, the club was reunited and became one of eleven original franchises in the American Pro Football League, which was the predecessor to the NFL.  In 1922, the team began to play at Chicago’s Comiskey Park and also adopted the name Chicago Cardinals when a team from Racine, Wisconsin joined the league.  

During the 1930’s and early ‘40s, the Cardinals struggled to find success on the field.  However, in 1947, the club won the NFL championship in an upset victory over a strong Philadelphia club.  The franchise relocated to St. Louis at the end of the 1959 season and began playing as the St. Louis Cardinals the following year. After failing to win a post-season game during their stint in St. Louis, the Cardinals moved to Phoenix in 1988. The club played at Sun Devil Stadium under the name Phoenix Cardinals until 1994 when they became the Arizona Cardinals.  Today, the Arizona Cardinals play at the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, where they began playing in 2006.

The Arizona Cardinals made an appearance in Super Bowl XLIII, which is considered one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever. Unfortunately, the Cardinals fell short, losing to the Steelers 27 to 23.  Quarterback Kurt Warner played a major role in leading the Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII and is one of the more notable players in club history.  The franchise has fourteen former players who have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including Jim Thorpe and Dan Dierdorf who may be the team’s best known players to date.


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