Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons

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Standings Prediction

Won't stay at #4
The Falcons will rise in their division.
NFL #13/16
IronRank #12/16
NFC South
NFL #4/4
IronRank #3/4

Falcons Schedule

2018-2019 Season
Date Opponent Prediction Result
Week 1
Thursday, Sep 6
Philadelphia Eagles at Eagles LOSS 18-12 LOSS
Week 2
Sunday, Sep 16
Carolina Panthers vs Panthers WIN 31-24 WIN
Week 3
Sunday, Sep 23
New Orleans Saints vs Saints WIN 37-43 LOSS
Week 4
Sunday, Sep 30
Cincinnati Bengals vs Bengals WIN 36-37 LOSS
Week 5
Sunday, Oct 7
Pittsburgh Steelers at Steelers LOSS
Week 6
Sunday, Oct 14
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Buccaneers WIN
Week 7
Monday, Oct 22
New York Giants vs Giants WIN
Week 9
Sunday, Nov 4
Washington Redskins at Redskins LOSS
Week 10
Sunday, Nov 11
Cleveland Browns at Browns WIN
Week 11
Sunday, Nov 18
Dallas Cowboys vs Cowboys WIN
Week 12
Thursday, Nov 22
New Orleans Saints at Saints LOSS
Week 13
Sunday, Dec 2
Baltimore Ravens vs Ravens LOSS
Week 14
Sunday, Dec 9
Green Bay Packers at Packers LOSS
Week 15
Sunday, Dec 16
Arizona Cardinals vs Cardinals WIN
Week 16
Sunday, Dec 23
Carolina Panthers at Panthers LOSS
Week 17
Sunday, Dec 30
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buccaneers WIN

Predicted Ranking for 2018-19 Season

div. rank
conf. rank


How the Falcons compare to the teams within their conference


#6 Falcons
Great passing by the Falcons:
359 yds Sep 23, 2018 vs Saints
264 yds Dec 24, 2017 at Saints
368 yds Nov 26, 2017 vs Buccaneers


#11 Falcons
Great rushing by the Falcons:
132 yds Dec 7, 2017 vs Saints
132 yds Nov 12, 2017 vs Cowboys
147 yds Oct 1, 2017 vs Bills

red zone performance

#3 Falcons
Great red zone performance by the Falcons:
60% Sep 30, 2018 vs Bengals
100% Sep 23, 2018 vs Saints
75% Nov 12, 2017 vs Cowboys

scoring points

#3 Falcons
High points scored by the Falcons:
37 pts Sep 23, 2018 vs Saints
26 pts Jan 6, 2018 at Rams
27 pts Nov 12, 2017 vs Cowboys

Falcons Stats

How the Falcons compare to the teams within their conference
Passing Offense
of 32
Rushing Offense
of 32
Red Zone Efficiency
of 32
Fumbles Caused
of 32
of 32
of 32

Iron Rank Over Time

See how the Falcons match up against popular competitors


The Atlanta Falcons are members of the NFL’s National Football Conference. The Falcons began play in the NFL in 1966 after being awarded an expansion franchise in 1965. Once Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium had been built during the 1960’s, interest in bringing a pro football team to Atlanta began to grow.  Eventually, the NFL awarded a team to the City of Atlanta in 1965. This decision came when it became obvious that the AFL was also interested in Atlanta as a location for an expansion franchise.

The new franchise adopted the name of the Falcons when Miss Julia Elliot, a schoolteacher, wrote to the football club with the suggestion. She stated that the falcon was a strong, proud bird that never dropped its prey, and also has a sporting tradition. The name was selected and has stuck with the franchise ever since.  

In 1978, the Falcons qualified for the post-season for the first time in club history and won their first playoff game before losing to the Dallas Cowboys in the second round. The Falcons have since made the NFL playoffs on five more occasions, including an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIII in 1998 where they lost to the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately, the Falcons have had little sustained success as they did not string together consecutive winning seasons until 2009 and 2010. This span of forty three seasons since their inception without consecutive winning seasons is a record among all North American franchises in the four major sports.

In 1989, the Falcons drafted cornerback Deion Sanders who became a star and brought much needed attention to the football club. Sanders was known as a great cornerback and return man, as well as being known as a two-sport player -- he also played baseball for the Atlanta Braves.  Sanders played with the Falcons until 1993 and remains one of the franchise’s best known players.

Other star players who have spent time with the club include running back Jamal Anderson who was an integral part of the team’s 1998 Super Bowl run, and Quarterback Michael Vick who became the first QB to rush for 1,000 yards while with the Falcons. Unfortunately, Vick is best known for his infamous dog fighting ring for which he served prison time and which led to the Falcons releasing him in 2007.

In 1994, the Atlanta Falcons moved out of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and began playing their home games at the Georgia Dome.  This is where the club continues to host its home games as well as other events such as Super Bowls and even soccer games.


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