New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints

7 - 9

Standings Prediction

Will stay at #3
The Saints will hold their position in their division.
NFL #12/16
IronRank #9/16
NFC South
NFL #3/4
IronRank #3/4

Saints Schedule

2017-2018 Season
Date Opponent Prediction Result
Week 1
Monday, Sep 11
Minnesota Vikings at Vikings LOSS
Week 2
Sunday, Sep 17
New England Patriots vs Patriots LOSS
Week 3
Sunday, Sep 24
Carolina Panthers at Panthers LOSS
Week 4
Sunday, Oct 1
Miami Dolphins at Dolphins LOSS
Week 6
Sunday, Oct 15
Detroit Lions vs Lions WIN
Week 7
Sunday, Oct 22
Green Bay Packers at Packers LOSS
Week 8
Sunday, Oct 29
Chicago Bears vs Bears WIN
Week 9
Sunday, Nov 5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Buccaneers WIN
Week 10
Sunday, Nov 12
Buffalo Bills at Bills LOSS
Week 11
Sunday, Nov 19
Washington Redskins vs Redskins WIN
Week 12
Sunday, Nov 26
Los Angeles Rams at Rams WIN
Week 13
Sunday, Dec 3
Carolina Panthers vs Panthers WIN
Week 14
Thursday, Dec 7
Atlanta Falcons at Falcons LOSS
Week 15
Sunday, Dec 17
New York Jets vs Jets WIN
Week 16
Sunday, Dec 24
Atlanta Falcons vs Falcons LOSS
Week 17
Sunday, Dec 31
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buccaneers LOSS

Predicted Ranking for 2017-18 Season

div. rank
conf. rank


How the Saints compare to the teams within their conference


#1 Saints
Great passing by the Saints:
341 yds Jan 1, 2017 at Falcons
359 yds Sep 26, 2016 vs Falcons
323 yds Jan 3, 2016 at Falcons


#8 Saints
Great rushing by the Saints:
248 yds Nov 6, 2016 at 49ers
104 yds Oct 23, 2016 at Chiefs
87 yds Dec 13, 2015 at Buccaneers

red zone performance

#1 Saints
Great red zone performance by the Saints:
67% Jan 1, 2017 at Falcons
80% Dec 18, 2016 at Cardinals
75% Oct 16, 2016 vs Panthers

scoring points

#2 Saints
High points scored by the Saints:
32 pts Jan 1, 2017 at Falcons
48 pts Dec 18, 2016 at Cardinals
41 pts Oct 16, 2016 vs Panthers

Saints Stats

How the Saints compare to the teams within their conference
Passing Offense
of 32
Rushing Offense
of 32
Red Zone Efficiency
of 32
Fumbles Caused
of 32
of 32
of 32

Iron Rank Over Time

See how the Saints match up against popular competitors


The New Orleans Saints play in the National Football Conference in the NFL. The franchise began play in the NFL in 1967 after being awarded an expansion team the previous year. The team was originally founded by Dave Dixon, who named the team after the famous jazz song “When the Saints Go Marching In.” The name was also meant as a tribute to All Saints Day which seemed fitting for a team playing in a city comprised mainly of Catholics.  

The Saints played their home games at Two Lanes Stadium until 1975 when they moved into the Louisiana Super Dome. The Super Dome has since been renamed the Mercedes Benz Super Dome.

The Saints franchise struggled to win for much of its early history. The team would not have a break-even season until 1978, when they finished 8 to 8. In 1986, the club hired Jim Mora as their new head coach. Under his guidance, the team would finally earn a playoff spot in 1987.

That year, the NFL teams used replacement players for three games due to a players strike. During this time, the Saints went 2 to 1. They lost the first game when the regular players returned, before winning nine straight contests. The Saints had never before won nine games in a season, yet alone nine in a row. The club played their first ever playoff game that year but lost to the Minnesota Vikings.

In 1991, the Saints claimed their first ever division title but once again lost in the post season.  By 1994, the club had returned to their old losing ways and in 1996 after a poor start, Jim Mora resigned as head coach. He finished with a 93 to 78 record -- the best by any Saints head coach by far.

The Saints would struggle for the rest of the ‘90s and early into the 2000’s to find consistency. The 2005 season was chaotic as Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The Saints were unable to play at the badly damaged Super Dome that season. However, in 2009, the team had rebuilt and was led by star quarterback Drew Brees. Brees had emerged as one of the leagues’s top pivots starting in 2006, and would lead the Saints to a Super Bowl victory in 2009.

In 2012, many of the Saints’ defensive players and much of their coaching staff would be suspended in a scandal known as “Bountygate.”  It was determined by the NFL that defensive players on the Saints were paid money by coaches for intentionally injuring opposing players during the 2009 and 2010 seasons.


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