San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers

6 - 10

Standings Prediction

Will stay at #4
The 49ers will hold their position in their division.
NFL #13/16
IronRank #13/16
NFC West
NFL #4/4
IronRank #4/4

49ers Schedule

2017-2018 Season
Date Opponent Prediction Result
Week 1
Sunday, Sep 10
Carolina Panthers vs Panthers LOSS 3-23 LOSS
Week 2
Sunday, Sep 17
Seattle Seahawks at Seahawks LOSS 12-9 LOSS
Week 3
Thursday, Sep 21
Los Angeles Rams vs Rams WIN 39-41 LOSS
Week 4
Sunday, Oct 1
Arizona Cardinals at Cardinals LOSS 18-15 LOSS
Week 5
Sunday, Oct 8
Indianapolis Colts at Colts LOSS 26-23 LOSS
Week 6
Sunday, Oct 15
Washington Redskins at Redskins LOSS 26-24 LOSS
Week 7
Sunday, Oct 22
Dallas Cowboys vs Cowboys LOSS 10-40 LOSS
Week 8
Sunday, Oct 29
Philadelphia Eagles at Eagles LOSS 33-10 LOSS
Week 9
Sunday, Nov 5
Arizona Cardinals vs Cardinals LOSS 10-20 LOSS
Week 10
Sunday, Nov 12
New York Giants vs Giants LOSS 31-21 WIN
Week 12
Sunday, Nov 26
Seattle Seahawks vs Seahawks LOSS 13-24 LOSS
Week 13
Sunday, Dec 3
Chicago Bears at Bears LOSS 14-15 WIN
Week 14
Sunday, Dec 10
Houston Texans at Texans LOSS 16-26 WIN
Week 15
Sunday, Dec 17
Tennessee Titans vs Titans LOSS 25-23 WIN
Week 16
Sunday, Dec 24
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Jaguars LOSS 44-33 WIN
Week 17
Sunday, Dec 31
Los Angeles Rams at Rams LOSS 13-34 WIN

Predicted Ranking for 2017-18 Season

div. rank
conf. rank


How the 49ers compare to the teams within their conference


#5 49ers
Great passing by the 49ers:
266 yds Nov 5, 2017 vs Cardinals
250 yds Oct 15, 2017 at Redskins
210 yds Oct 1, 2017 at Cardinals


#10 49ers
Great rushing by the 49ers:
169 yds Dec 31, 2017 at Rams
131 yds Dec 24, 2017 vs Jaguars
94 yds Oct 29, 2017 at Eagles

red zone performance

#13 49ers
Great red zone performance by the 49ers:
67% Dec 24, 2017 vs Jaguars
67% Oct 8, 2017 at Colts
100% Dec 18, 2016 at Falcons

scoring points

#9 49ers
High points scored by the 49ers:
34 pts Dec 31, 2017 at Rams
44 pts Dec 24, 2017 vs Jaguars
24 pts Oct 15, 2017 at Redskins

49ers Stats

How the 49ers compare to the teams within their conference
Passing Offense
of 32
Rushing Offense
of 32
Red Zone Efficiency
of 32
Fumbles Caused
of 32
of 32
of 32

Iron Rank Over Time

See how the 49ers match up against popular competitors


The San Francisco 49ers are members of the NFL’s National Football Conference. The team was originally a member of the All America Football Conference and became a member of the NFL when the AAFL stopped operating; many of the AAFL’s teams then merged with the NFL, including the 49ers.

The franchise was originally owned by Tony Morabito, who tragically died of a heart attack during a 49ers game in 1957. The team’s name was to represent the gold prospectors who came to San Francisco during the 1949 gold rush.

The 49ers struggled throughout their early history, not qualifying for post season play until 1957, and then not again for the next thirteen years. During the 1960 season however, the 49ers became the first NFL club to use the shotgun formation, which later became a standard formation among NFL offenses. In 1970, the team moved from their original home in Kezar Park into the newly built Candlestick Park. They won their first division title in 1970 and then again in 1972. However, after that season the 49ers would miss the playoffs for the next eight seasons.

During the 1980’s, the 49ers emerged as a powerhouse, winning their first Super Bowl in 1981 over the Cincinnati Bengals. Led by stars such as quarterback Joe Montana, receiver Jerry Rice, and safety Ronnie Lott, the 49ers won three more Super Bowls in 1984, 1988, and 1989. The club would also win another championship in 1994 giving the franchise five Super Bowl titles, tying them for the second highest number with the Dallas Cowboys. During their 1994 Super Bowl run, the team was led by Steve Young, who had taken over for Montana at quarterback and emerged as one of the top QBs in the game at that time.

The club fell into decline in the late 1990’s and into the 2000’s, when they were faced with rebuilding the team. However, the team has recently seen a resurgence. They appeared in their sixth Super Bowl in 2013, but lost the contest to the Baltimore Ravens. The team made it back to the NFC Championship in the 2014 playoffs, where they fell short to the Seattle Seahawks.

The 49ers are scheduled to begin play at Levi Stadium beginning in the 2014 season. It will be the club’s third home stadium in franchise history.


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