September 6 - September 10, 2018

NFL Week 1

Our Predictions

Thursday, September 6

Eagles vs Falcons
at Philadelphia
Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons

Monday, September 10

Raiders vs Rams
at Oakland
Oakland Raiders
Los Angeles Rams
Lions vs Jets
at Detroit
Detroit Lions
New York Jets

Sunday, September 9

Packers vs Bears
at Green Bay
Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Browns vs Steelers
at Cleveland
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Patriots vs Texans
at New England
New England Patriots
Houston Texans
Saints vs Buccaneers
at New Orleans
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Panthers vs Cowboys
at Carolina
Carolina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys
Dolphins vs Titans
at Miami
Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans
Broncos vs Seahawks
at Denver
Denver Broncos
Seattle Seahawks
Ravens vs Bills
at Baltimore
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Cardinals vs Redskins
at Arizona
Arizona Cardinals
Washington Redskins
Colts vs Bengals
at Indianapolis
Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals
Vikings vs 49ers
at Minnesota
Minnesota Vikings
San Francisco 49ers
Chargers vs Chiefs
at Los Angeles
Kansas City Chiefs
Giants vs Jaguars
at New York
New York Giants
Jacksonville Jaguars

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Love this solution
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Disagree with 5 picks. I am going with the opposite and picking Buccaneers, Cowboys, Chargers, Raiders and Saints to win their games. Every other pick is in line with my own picks.
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Pucking Hockey has a TOP NFL pick of the month as they say
Cardinals will make it
Pucking Hockey has the current NFL picks pending/won (week 1) Denver Broncos +3 ($500) WIN San Diego Chargers +6.5 ($500) Buffalo Bills +3 ($500) Tennessee Titans +2.5 ($500) Also have one last free pick available on the website ->
Packers vs Steelers in the superbowl. Im calling it right now gordas penedeja
These all look in alignment with these:
Pucking Hockey has a top mlb prediction of the week now available. I signed up for free to get it, still waiting on the pick. Let me know if you guys get it and share it!
oh crap! Hey! I have been following your free hockey baseball and football picks for quite a while. Keep up the great work!
Pucking Hockey went 1-0 with Auburn +9 yesterday it was free on their website. Looks like they have Ole Miss +5 as a top pick of the pick for free as well., I have been following their free picks during baseball hockey and now football
I said the same thing the other day. No rigging in this upcoming game. Panthers will win.
The Panthers with out a doubt will seek revenge and beat the Broncos. However history shows that the World Champs always win in these match-ups. One thing though, no Manning. This time it's different for football, hockey and baseball free predictions
Upset Oakland over Jets in any case a game too stay away from if a jet fan
Agree with all but the Chargers will take down the Chiefs and the Redskins over the Texans.
I disagree with all of the following, Chargers over Texans, Jets over Bucs, and Jags over Chiefs. All of the other predictions I agree with. Only time will tell if which of us is correct...
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