December 6 - December 10, 2018

NFL Week 14

Our Predictions

Thursday, December 6

Monday, December 10

Titans vs Jaguars
at Tennessee
Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Seahawks vs Vikings
at Seattle
Seattle Seahawks
Minnesota Vikings

Sunday, December 9

Cowboys vs Eagles
at Dallas
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Bills vs Jets
at Buffalo
Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
Texans vs Colts
at Houston
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Dolphins vs Patriots
at Miami
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots
Packers vs Falcons
at Green Bay
Green Bay Packers
Atlanta Falcons
Redskins vs Giants
at Washington
Washington Redskins
New York Giants
Buccaneers vs Saints
at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New Orleans Saints
Cardinals vs Lions
at Arizona
Arizona Cardinals
Detroit Lions
49ers vs Broncos
at San Francisco
San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos
Raiders vs Steelers
at Oakland
Oakland Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers
Browns vs Panthers
at Cleveland
Cleveland Browns
Carolina Panthers
Chiefs vs Ravens
at Kansas City
Kansas City Chiefs
Baltimore Ravens
Bears vs Rams
at Chicago
Chicago Bears
Los Angeles Rams
Chargers vs Bengals
at Los Angeles
Cincinnati Bengals

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I do not know about two to three of the picks maybe because time has passed since you made your picks??
Sorry this is the Dolphins coming out party. Dolphins 28 Pats 17.
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Tatiana give me your scores for this week please!
I will give it a shot and stay with it for a couple of weeks.
wow - lots of missed predictions Iron Rank - glad I went on my own instinct - I only had 2 wrong this week - who would've ever guessed Raiders would beat the Niners
Niners feel the pressure of the need to stay alive in the playoffs, so expect Colin to make great hook ups with Crabtree and Boldin. Gore will most likely get some great carries, and lets face it the Niner's defense will most likely shut out Carr from any good plays. Mcfadden better watch it with Auldon and Borland, who have noses for the ball.
Oh thanks for replying to my question. I appreciate it sir. God bless you!
He busted up his collarbone a while a go. Not sure if it was a fracture or not. Not completely match fit.
so basically every home game except two...
What happened to Aaron Rodgers? I watched the Packers Lions game and I was like, "Who is Matt Flynn??? Why aren't they playing Aaron Rodgers? If he were in the game they would be winning!" I'm a Colts fan, but I really respect Aaron Rodgers (amazing accuracy).
The Colts will beat the Bengals! Believe in Blue! The Colts are rising stars! If you agree (or disagree) please reply!
Agreed. If Aron Rodgers is back for GB he might be below 100% match fit. If he aint back, i have severe doubts regariding the backup QB. As we all saw vs Detroit. Jets had to swap their QB midgame against Dolphins. QB went from horrible to bad. (horrible being worse). If Jets start out with a bad passing game, the mental status in the offence will be easily broken. Check out the offensive stats for the Jets vs Dolphins. Worst QB play since the 80s. Go for Raiders and Falcons for a possible good win.
are u picking these without looking at injury reports and recent QB ratings? seriously, some of these picks leave me wondering if your using Molly Qerim's cupcakes to make your predictions.
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