September 21 - September 25, 2017

NFL Week 3


Thursday, September 21

Monday, September 25

49ers vs Rams
at San Francisco
San Francisco 49ers
Los Angeles Rams
Cardinals vs Cowboys
at Arizona
Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, September 24

Panthers vs Saints
at Carolina
Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints
Eagles vs Giants
at Philadelphia
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
Winner / Predicted
Jets vs Dolphins
at New York
New York Jets
Miami Dolphins
Patriots vs Texans
at New England
New England Patriots
Houston Texans
Winner / Predicted
Jaguars vs Ravens
at Jacksonville
Jacksonville Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens
Vikings vs Buccaneers
at Minnesota
Minnesota Vikings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Winner / Predicted
Bills vs Broncos
at Buffalo
Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos
Winner / Predicted
Lions vs Falcons
at Detroit
Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons
Winner / Predicted
Colts vs Browns
at Indianapolis
Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns
Winner / Predicted
Packers vs Bengals
at Green Bay
Green Bay Packers
Cincinnati Bengals
Winner / Predicted
Bears vs Steelers
at Chicago
Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers
Titans vs Seahawks
at Tennessee
Tennessee Titans
Seattle Seahawks
Winner / Predicted
Chargers vs Chiefs
at Los Angeles
Kansas City Chiefs
Winner / Predicted
Redskins vs Raiders
at Washington
Washington Redskins
Oakland Raiders
Winner / Predicted

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so how wrong were they?
I am shocked by these predictions! --- Yes, shocked. It's not an issue of 'my favorite teams' not predicted but so many of these predictions out of line with almost all other expert opinion and NFL commentators. Bills beat the Broncos!? (WTF). Jets beat the Dolphins? (OMG). Vikings (without their starting QB) beat the Bucs! ...and Packers beat the Bengals and Steelers beat the Bears just by one FG? And I suppose it would be unfair to mention that the Rams beat the 49ers, so IDK-- I love you Iron Ranks, I do. I like all the stats you present. But something appears odd about these predictions. Did someone tilt your pinball game? -- The only game with any certainty is Patriots over Texans...but now I worry: What if you got that wrong too? -- Sincerely, Perplexed in NFL America.
You must be on crack Dolphins 30 Jets 7...get real here.
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Best bets Arizona and the rest look good as you have them
Also how can you take Indy with the way San Diego has come out of the gate. An upset here as well
Think it is awful dangerous to give up 10 points in the sea /sf game . Sea has shown nothing and lost to the Rams of all people who lost to sf 28 to 0. Upset possible
Is Dallas getting Matt Cassle or what?
lol looks like the Giants getting crushed by the Texans didn't work out too well for ya XD 30-17 Giants winning. Looks like you were a bit too confident there.
Who is joe fast you say , we'll the guy who knows the winners and does not have a newspaper column but does keep a low profile in Vegas no ego just money and thought to help you guys out this week Giants over Houston hee hee hee and pigs will fly , only pigs will fly will be the old pigskin into the Giants end zone again and again
Houston romps guys romps over the giants maybe like 21 to 3 they have played fantastic up to now and giants winning is based on tea leaves or what no evidence they resemble a nfl football team
And don't think Miami can take KC either . Miami looked terrible last week and KC showed charactor
Best bet has to be New England over Oakland , but 2 years ago in week 2 New England lost at home to Arizona as a 13.5 favorite. Also don't bet angst wash or Houston like both and wash better now with cousins just know this
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