October 4 - October 8, 2018

NFL Week 5

Our Predictions

Thursday, October 4

Monday, October 8

Patriots vs Colts
at New England
New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts
Saints vs Redskins
at New Orleans
New Orleans Saints
Washington Redskins

Sunday, October 7

Lions vs Packers
at Detroit
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Browns vs Ravens
at Cleveland
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
49ers vs Cardinals
at San Francisco
San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals
Seahawks vs Rams
at Seattle
Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams
Eagles vs Vikings
at Philadelphia
Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings
Panthers vs Giants
at Carolina
Carolina Panthers
New York Giants
Bengals vs Dolphins
at Cincinnati
Cincinnati Bengals
Miami Dolphins
Chiefs vs Jaguars
at Kansas City
Kansas City Chiefs
Jacksonville Jaguars
Steelers vs Falcons
at Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Steelers
Atlanta Falcons
Texans vs Cowboys
at Houston
Houston Texans
Dallas Cowboys
Chargers vs Raiders
at Los Angeles
Oakland Raiders
Jets vs Broncos
at New York
New York Jets
Denver Broncos
Bills vs Titans
at Buffalo
Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans

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This site is so strange... The games are up to date... And the predictions seem pretty good... But it's like a ghost town. No FB, Twitter, or G+ posts.. No discussion that I can see. Weird.
Keith stop bashing the Dolphins. They will be just fine thank you. However I would be pleasantly surprised if they beat Tennesee.
Sorry to add to that .when you cant run the ball, why try to keep forcing it. Lions offensive cord, kept trying to force the ball to Marvin jones why, and going deep as well ,very stupid give the ball to Tate a little more and you'll find yourself winning more games, Dolphins another sad story, I could go on why are they being paid so much money. when they no nothing, hire me ill get them there or ill do much better I guarantee it.
Most of the nfl teams and there offensive play calling is to be looked at,like last year 4 to 5 offensive cords, were fired the same should happen this year there pathetic,
Lets go Vikings!
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I think the Bengals will win over the Patriots (Sad to say).,,the Bengals are hot...
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