November 1 - November 5, 2018

NFL Week 9

Our Predictions

Thursday, November 1

Monday, November 5

49ers vs Raiders
at San Francisco
San Francisco 49ers
Oakland Raiders
Cowboys vs Titans
at Dallas
Dallas Cowboys
Tennessee Titans

Sunday, November 4

Ravens vs Steelers
at Baltimore
Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dolphins vs Jets
at Miami
Miami Dolphins
New York Jets
Vikings vs Lions
at Minnesota
Minnesota Vikings
Detroit Lions
Panthers vs Buccaneers
at Carolina
Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Broncos vs Texans
at Denver
Denver Broncos
Houston Texans
Patriots vs Packers
at New England
New England Patriots
Green Bay Packers
Saints vs Rams
at New Orleans
New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Rams
Redskins vs Falcons
at Washington
Washington Redskins
Atlanta Falcons
Browns vs Chiefs
at Cleveland
Cleveland Browns
Kansas City Chiefs
Bills vs Bears
at Buffalo
Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears
Seahawks vs Chargers
at Seattle
Seattle Seahawks

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Americas Team never sucks. You know that!! Americas Team will always be the DALLAS about dem boys
I hope you are as right as last week. Whats with putting the Monday Games first?
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Well looks they were right >:3
The Texans don't play the Eagles shmucko, but the Cowboys do suck a fat one
So they believe the Packers will lose 2 in a row? Lose to the Broncos and the Panthers? I hope not.
Denver will reign... After last years loss in NE, it will not happen. Denver/Peyton ALWAyS plays this seasonal game in Foxborough which give the Pats the upper hand.... Would love to see the Pats for once travel to play Manning at home... In any event, go Broncos and they get the W, but if not we will repeat in a Denver the AFC game..
I don't know, I think my Texans could beat the Eagles... if our defense doesn't slack off toward the end like we did last week.
patriots will beat broncos
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